It’s summer and time to try something new.

 Digital Content

If you still think that your lectures are the only way students can discover new subjects or ideas, then try Google: type the titles of some of your lectures into Google and see what happens. (Try a search for video by using “videos” under the “more” tab.) Still looking?  Try searching for content within YouTube, Kahn Academy, OpenYaleMerlot, utubersity, or in Spanish at Utubersidad.  Open iTunes and look in the store for iTunesU.  If you want to create your own courses, start here.

Social Media
Maybe you can skip Facebook (if you are new here) and go directly to Twitter. Start by following me 🙂 and then search for folks talking about education.   If you want to know what other folks are saying about you, try Mention for daily updates on your cyberlife.

Video Conferencing and Streaming Video

Skype still works for free 1-1 video conferencing, but there is more.  Try Spreecast for multiple users or Join.me which allows up to 10 people to talk together for free and has even better screen sharing features (like zoom). Goober.com offers you up to 6 chats at once in HD and oovoo let’s you video chat with 12 friends (or students) at once. You’d be way cool.  For live streaming video, try Ustream


Then there is the entire Google ecosystem. Google wants you to use their email and their Facebook equivalent (Google+). You can also share documents here–try a collaborative document in Google Docs. Google Hangouts also allows video conferencing and streaming.

Cool Media Stuff

If you really want to show off, try SketchUp 3D and learn to draw in 3D. This an intuitive 3D modeling program for stage design, sculpture, video and video game level design.

If you want to capture video from the web (to keep a treasured cat video or a famous speech from going away on YouTube & Facebook, maybe)  start with KeepVid. To capture files from DVDs or create clips for presentations, use Handbreak.

If you want a free alternative to photoshop, try Pixlr, a truly amazing online photo editor


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