Eddie Watson (Dir of the CTL at the U of Georgia) and I are working on a new Teaching Naked Handbook that will be published by Wiley next year.  It will be full of practical advice for faculty, but also lots of discipline-specific EXAMPLES of how faculty are flipping classes, preparing new pre-class assignments and assessments, using video or cognitive wrappers or designing new in-class activities.  
All material will be fully credited: we want innovative faculty to get credit for their pedagogy! We all know that with limited time, faculty have to chose between publishing disciplinary research and publishing new pedagogy.  Hopefully, this is can be a quick way for you to both disseminate and get credit for new pedagogy, without having to do a complete research write-up.
Please help us by forwarding this email and sending us names of faculty who might have material to contribute. 
Mostly, simply use this website  http://tinyurl.com/teachingnaked2015   to give us as much information as you like. THANK YOU
Jose and Eddie
José Antonio Bowen,  PhD, President, Goucher College

C. Edward Watson, Ph.D. Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Georgia

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